Deadlines: Second Round Abstract Submission Ends: December 20, 2021
Mid-Term Registration Ends: December 15, 2021

Nursing Science Conference

USG-United Scientific Group, A non-profit organization, is glad to announce its, 5th International Conference on Nursing Science & Practice (Nursing Science-2022) scheduled for July 20-22, 2022, in New York, NY.

The Nursing Conference 2022 is a leading forum for nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetist, nurse midwives, clinical nurses, and nurse consultants, along with researchers, educators, administrators, policy makers and students to learn, exchange knowledge and discuss to advance their professional development and clinical performance. This annual conference is one of the largest and most valuable conference with the diverse presentations dedicated to bringing together nurses who share a passion for patient care.

We are pleased to invite you to attend at the Nursing Science-2022 scheduled for July 20-22, 2022, in New York, NY. This is important in bringing nursing to the forefront of thinking on global health and enabling nurses to do even more in improving healthcare globally. Our goal is to continue to offer you the very best in nursing practice, continuing education, career development, and networking opportunities during the conference. We hope this conference will play an important role in providing a platform in 2022 to exchange views and ideas on the theme that healthcare should be for all.